Tilbury Camp

"If it doesn't involve horses and/or guns,
it's just a kid's game."

Our "visiting animals" policy

This is a cat-friendly environment. We have no dogs at present. My chickens are often out "free-ranging" around the property. If you want to bring a dog to visit, it needs to be well-trained, well-behaved, and quiet. All dogs need to be on a leash until such a time as it is determined that said dog is safe around my cats and chickens. Any lunging, snapping, or intense "homing in" behavior means it will probably have to stay leashed for the duration of its visit.

The Cats




Elanor: a.k.a. "The Bad Cat" (b. Oct 2, 2012) Very chatty, loves to scatter chickens. Hunter of shrews. Burrower. Shoulder rider. Roof lurker.





Hathor "Hattie": loathes the other cats, fine with people. Hates being picked up, but loves being scratched under the chin.




Sam: (10 years approx.) Came to us from the local shelter in November 2012. Shy but tough. Loves Elanor. Will fiercely defend his territory from all other stray cats. Loves cheek scritches. Very strong and will "love grab".



He came to us as a permanent visitor several years ago. He enjoys lurking in the bushes, chasing Elanor, and shedding white hair on everything. He prides himself on his inscrutability and natural aplomb. He demands that you pet him immediately.