Tilbury Camp

"If it doesn't involve horses and/or guns,
it's just a kid's game."

Tableaux Vivant at Tilbury!

Tableau vivant (plural: tableaux vivants) is French for "living picture." The term describes a striking group of suitably costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move. The approach thus marries the art forms of the stage with those of painting and photography. 

Artists are invited to register for these events. The cost is $65 for the day and the day begins at 9:00 AM, ending at dusk. Breakfast snacks, lunch; coffee & tea provided. Our themes have varied from "a day on the farm" to "Renaissance and Medieval" and "19th century daily life", and scenes with models will be staged throughout the day in addition to several still life set ups.

The next one will be June 4, 2017.

3rd Annual Raj Party

3rd Annual (who knows how far this will go) Raj Party, to be held ... sometime at the end of June? Date pending. As usual, the background is the Era of the British Raj, more precisely the mid-to-late 19th Century in India. Rather than our usual "dress up in lots of heavy woolens for the hot weather" we'll try a "dress up in light cottons and linens for the hot weather" approach, eh what? 

Indulge yourself in portraying a soldier from Kipling's Three Guardsmen, or a "narrow chested chap with a long nose for looking down at you with" sort of Bureaucrat. An English lady, a Rajput Princess, a Pathan cutthroat, and Irish lay-about, a dashing officer! Plan a hostile take-over of Kaffiristan, perhaps! There are all sorts of possibilities for personae. Indulge. 

Gin and Tonic to keep off the ague, IPA's to keep the soldiers reasonably content, some spicy food, some shade, lots of polo (broom and "normal"), and some of that gloriously stifling heat! All of those fun things (sans the filth, cholera, typhoid, plague and seething population) that made
India such a wonderful adventure. Hopefully it won't rain on us this time...

I very much hope that you can make it, and that we can enjoy good fellowship, horsemanship, and suffer through "bearing our burden" as it were. Quite. Come early, stay late, stay over if you'd like. Bring horses if you have 'em, too! Polo, Bertie? "

Répondez s'il vous plaît.


Gordon (Rittmaster) Frye